Saturday, November 20, 2010

Permits and Places


Our Protected Area Permit arrived today, fully outfitted with three "Government of Nagaland" stamps, a hand-written signature, a custom-written letter, and a big check mark. While I would love to post a photo of this beauty, I've decided to err on "there might be a law against that so don't push your luck".

The letter starts, "The following American Nationals (yep! that's us!) are allowed to enter Nagaland State and stay at Kohima and Dimapur for a period of 9(nine) days with effect from 25th Nov to 3rd Dec 2010." Here are three of the several rules that follow:

* They shall travel to the specified places by the shortest route and will not deviate from the route specified.

* They shall report to police at entry point.

* Permit holder should always be accompanied by the Tourist Liaison Officer appointed by the Tourism Department, GOVT. of Nagaland.

I'm not sure about this last one. I don't think that we have an Officer assigned to us. This leaves me wondering what the circumstances might be that would require this instruction to be followed. I guess we'll find out when the plane lands on Friday.

Theja is picking us up at the airport in Dimapur. From there, we will drive to his hometown of Kohima, where we will start to install the art exhibition and plan for the film festival. Theja sent us the photo posted above to give us a glimpse of where our journey will start.

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