Friday, December 10, 2010

"The Opposite of a Tribe"

Before leaving for Nagaland, I was invited to exhibit work in the first Hornbill International Photography Festival in Kisama, Nagaland. "The Opposite of a Tribe" was my attempt to portray spaces in between neighbors in the United States.

The following objects stand between my location now (on the couch in my living room) and the interior space of my closest next door neighbor's house: a segment of carpet, a coffee table, another segment of carpet, a tile hearth, a ceramic vase-like-thing with a candle on top, the gas fireplace insert, the back wall of the brick chimney, a fern, 8 feet of grass, a snow-covered bush, Jim's exterior wall. Wallpaper. I think that this is a relatively short distance when compared to the American ideal.

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